Wild Boar and Feral Hog Hunting

We specialize in Wild Boar and Feral Hog hunting. It is our most popular hunt. We have several hundred of acres of wild land devoted strictly to wild boar hunting. There is a variety of terrain consisting of mostly hardwoods and evergreen.
We hunt the Russian strain European boar and feral hogs,  also known as Pine Rooters. Our preserve is unique, as our wild boar population naturally reproduce in the wild country of our preserve. You will have the satisfaction and challenge of an authentic fair chase hunt.
Wild boar hunting is one of our most adrenaline-filled hunts. With different hunting styles and options, it  gives the hunter a chance to experience the diversity of hunting these cagey, wirey tuskers.

Whether you are an experienced hunter or someone just getting into the sport, have physical  limitations or looking for a challenge, we have you covered.

We offer year round hunting and our hunts are backed by a guaranteed hunt policy. We have a better than 90% success rate.


What Hunters have to say about their Boar Hunts at Loshbough Hunting Lodge
  • I have been on four boar hunts. This hunt at Loshbough was my favorite experience. Facilitiy is clean, people are friendly ad hunting areas great. We hope to to come back and will recommend it to others.
    Kevin B. Hanover, PA
  • Killed a great boar of a lifetime. We also got a nice Corsican ram with a bow. Our guide, Tommy was a great guy, very polite and energetic. We hunted hard and came out successful. The owner, Rick even came to help get out the ram. We appreciate everything and will be back next year.
    Lonnie M., Stanton, KY

Boar Hunting Reviews

We always take into consideration whether you are looking to take a nice trophy wall-hanger or a nice size hog strictly for filling the freezer. We have exceptional reviews from our hunters on the meat, and our staff really enjoys the tasty table fare as well.

Some folks like to settle in on a stand and wait for that perfect boar to come along. Others like the challenge of stalking the country to see what they can spot. If all else fails, you can count on our loyal hunting dogs. We have several bay dogs that are always itching to join in on a hunt. Their job is to get on the trail of the hogs and hold them at bay until you get there. It’s quite exciting to listen to the dogs sound off and watch them work.
You often have to mix it up, to get the recipe for true success and satisfaction.

Boar Hunts success rate over 90%

Join us for an exciting trophy wild boar hunt in the scenic beauty of the Tennessee Mountains. We offer year round hunting and our hunts are backed by a guaranteed hunt policy. We have a better than 90% success rate.

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