Unique coloration on this spotted, Feral-Russian mix taken on a winter boar hunt.

This hunter has a successful Russian boar hunt under his belt

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Great harvest on a his and her’s boar hunting adventure

Nice cutters on this big tusker taken on on an early fall hog hunt

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Nice Russian boar taken on winter hog hunt during a light snow.

Youth hunter bags a nice, trophy wild boar on his first hog hunt

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Hog Hunting Record

Thursday, 25 September 2014 by

Ethan’s hog hunting adventure with us – he took here at the lodge scored Gold Medal Status. Ethan had a long journey after he was seriously injured in a hockey accident. After he was well enough to hunt again, he really wanted to do a hog hunt, so he and his Dad ended up here

Lifelike Taxidermy, just a couple of miles from our lodge does all our mounts. They have been in business over 40 years and do awesome work.  See their work first hand at their shop before you leave your mount. Their work is quite impressive.

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