Bison Hunting

Two words describe this hunt, frontier and food. This hunt dating back to the frontier days, makes for an adventure like no other.  Using your skill to take down one of these large animals, will not only give you great satisfaction but lots of lean, healthy meat for the freezer.

We hunt American bison, descendents of the bison that roamed Great Plains and  parts of North America.
We offer hunts for large trophy bison as well as young bison.  This is one of our more expensive hunts but you will get a big return on your investment. These majestic animals not only make an awesome mount, but will fill the freezer and keep you out of the beef isle at the grocery store for a long time.
If you’re not interested in doing a mount, then you may choose a hunt for meat bison only.

We hunt bison by stand hunting or stalking.  You will need to brush up on your shooting skills, as it takes a well -placed shot to take down one of these huge animals.



What our hunters have to say about their hunting experience at Loshbough Hunting Lodge
  • We enjoyed it greatly. The hunt was fantastic. The guide was excellent. He was very friendly and helpful. I haven't seen my husband have this good of a time in a long while. We are going to let all our friends know what a great place this is and how great the hunt was.
    Mrs.C. Johnson, Wayne, WV
  • Thank you for a wonderful experience, as this was a special hunt for me and my son. The lodge is more than accommodating, with all it's eminities. Everyone that we met was nice and hospitable. Again, thank you for a great hunt and see you on our next hunt!
    Gary E., Salem, WI

Bison Hunt for meat

If you’re not interested in doing a mount, then you may choose a hunt for meat bison only.
Unlike other outfitters, we keep none of your meat, everything is yours to do what you wish.
We use a nearby butcher that does an excellent job with the meat processing, at a very reasonable price.